Our Families

Below are a few clips from fmailies who Amy's House are proud to have worked with in the past. 

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If you think you and your family might be able to benefit from the work Amy's House do, please get in touch using the button below the clips. 


Meet 16 year old Isaac and his mum Jackie. Isaac has Down's Syndrome which means that his family aren't able to do the things that you would expect to be able to do as a family. Having Amy's House to come to on a weekend makes life easier for his parents so that they can get on with things like shopping, but also means that Isaac has time off from his parents and gives him the chance to play with his friends - which is something any 16 year old can appreciate! 

Abbie & Charlotte

Meet 10 year old twins Abbie and Charlotte and their parents Steve and Caroline. Both Abbie and Charlotte were born with Angelman's Syndrome which causes them to have sever learning difficulties as well as an absence of speech. The twins are happy and energetic girls who require constant care, and so Amy's House gives their busy parents a bit of time to themselves once a week. 

Steve and Caroline talk about the need for fundraising so that Amy's House can expand and help more families in the area. They also talk about the importance of people helping others within their local communities. 


Shelby & Maddison

Meet Shelby and Maddison. Shelby has West Syndrome and her sister Maddison has Williams Syndrome.

Their parents talk about the importance of a respite service such as Amy's House. They also talk about what it's like having children with special needs as well as why the children love Amy's House and how Amy's house is now like a trusted member of the family.