Empathetic: Our collective personal and individual experiences contribute to the empathy that drives Amy’s House. We work to reduce the ignorance and prejudice of individuals with special needs through increasing awareness and understanding and bringing about a greater empathy.

Community spirit: We are an organisation of local people who work together as a team for a mutually positive result. We have grown organically through the altruistic spirit within the hearts and minds of the community around us.

Holistic: We aim to promote health and fitness of the body as well as the mind for the families and children we work with and we do this within the stimulating and safe context of Amy’s House.

Trusted role model: Families and children put their trust in us and because of this, we will always act with their best interests in mind. It is our aim to be solid role models within society and it is important that we always deliver on our promise to bring joy and respite care to families and their very special children with special needs.

Caring: We are totally dedicated to the children and the families we look after, the people who work for us and the community around us.

Passionate: Above all, everyone within Amy’s House does what they do because they love it, and that’s why Amy’s House such a happy, supportive environment.

For more information about supporting Amy's House, or if you’d like any further information about the indispensible work we do, please contact our our office on 0114 2422294 or send an email to: